Vessel Operation



The Operations department’s top priority is to ensure safe, smooth and economical running of the fleet and to ensure that the fleet’s contractual obligations are met.

Among other things, our operations department’s services include:

  • Post-fixture support
  • Issue voyage instructions
  • Ensure the proper, safe and most efficient stowing of cargoes on board the vessels, as well as the quickest dispatch at both ends of the voyage
  • Ensure ships perform as per the charter party agreements
  • Ensure the safe and efficient carriage and delivery of cargoes
  • Supervise the disbursement of all funds necessary to run the ships
  • Arrange for freight/hire/demurrage collection
  • Arrange for the provision of the vessels with bunkers
  • It is also imperative to co-ordinate the implementation of, and compliance with, the plethora of ever-changing maritime codes and regulations governing international shipping.

The operations team includes a team of qualified marine superintendents carefully selected for their experience. After receiving additional training with Medmar, the superintendents travel the world to attend tonnage and they are also responsible for anticipating and resolving problems and facilitating loading and discharging operations.