Joint Ventures



Medmar’s contractual commitments and established market reputation enabled it to participate in both on and off-shore projects, including ship-owning until very recently. Medmar participated in a 50/50 joint venture with Sea Justice S.A. of which its current fleet consists of four bulk carriers, namely M/V ENDLESS of 73.427 tons deadweight built in 1999, M/V ANGELINA of 74.540 tons deadweight built in 2001, M/V ILIA of 80,309 tons deadweight built in 2011 and M/V INDIA of 80,254 tons deadweight built also in 2011. Medmar together with Sea Justice S.A. since their joint venture , which started in 1992 , and until its recent dissolution have owned and managed a total of 22 vessels varying from 26.000 tons handy size bulker to 125.000 tons OBO carrier.