Quality Policy

The primary objective of MEDMAR is to provide all its local and international clients, and other interested parties with services of consistent quality that systematically meet their needs, requirements and expectations. Also, to strive for continuous improvement of service offering, in order to maximize benefit to and satisfaction of clients.

For the achievement of this objective, the company’s management is committed to:


  • Continuous qualitative improvement of operating systems, processes, procedures and means employed.
  • Firm monitoring and control of processes and services offered, as means of ensuring the achievement of quality objectives set and the strict observance of this Quality Policy.
  • Systematic monitoring and early identification of clients’ changing needs and requirements, as well as monitoring the performance of competitors.
  • Appointment of experienced and capable personnel for the performance of works affecting the quality of service offering.
  • Application of necessary corrective and or preventive actions, to ensure the Company’s effective operation of the ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System.


Based on the experience, capability and dedication of all members of personnel, the management of MEDMAR is confident that the company will

  • systematically deliver services which meet the needs and wants of each and every client, and other interested parties both, presently and in future years
  • through continuous improvement, manage to retain its leading position in the field of international transportation.
  • An efficient delivery system in which the times of delivery of cargo stated and actual times of delivery are based on the need of the customer and the possibilities of MEDMAR.
  • Adherence to national and international law, rules and regulation.
  • Maintenance of the system by means of which Quality deviations and the consequences of other unexpected occurrences may quickly and effectively established.